Daily Fun and Growth for All

It is our belief childcare should return children home better than they were at drop-off.  The children can't wait to come back for another day of learning and play! Usually parents' biggest challenge is getting their child to leave at the end of the day.  What's TLC's secret? 

  • Socialization and self-help skills are taught and reinforced, not simply expected!  We demonstrate this using books, puppets, role modeling, and praise.
  • A consistent but fun routine provides reassuring predictability, not boredom. 

Children are a"national treasure". 

​How are you investing?


Our students AND staff hail from countries around the globe. Our toys and and curriculum do, too! Parents are encouraged to share their home culture with our classrooms, particularly during festivals and celebrations. We love to explore our world!

Check out our global training program under the Staff Bios. tab!

Motivating Quote:

Why choose TLC?

Parents like to hear we teach traditional subjects like ABC's and 123's, science, Handwriting Without Tears, Math Their Way, and music. However, teachers know it's important to teach problem solving skills, good manners, gross and fine motor skills, tools toddlers can use to handle anger or excitement, how to be a kind friend, independence, creativity, and conflict resolution.  In other words, some schools expect preschoolers to be able to complete a worksheet or give flashcard answers. TLC marinates children in life-long skills that grow their brains and souls, because we know that rarely does real life (a.k.a. jobs, love interests, existential questions, etc.) give us cut-and-dried answers. Usually, life gives us more questions, and we want our kids, our future, to THINK. Sir Ken Robinson says it best in this educational video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iG9CE55wbtY

Clean and Secure Facilities

Our first priority is your child's health and safety. Our doors all require swipe cards or keys. ALL of our staff is trained in CPR-First Aid.  We disinfect classroom furniture, doorknobs, bathrooms, and toy resources daily. Playground equipment is regularly inspected and we hold monthly, reassuring fire/tornado/intruder drills so kids will ritualize safety routines. We also ask local police to do a periodic "walk through" of our school and provide safety suggestions.  Each class has a regularly stocked and inspected First Aid kit, which also contains children's pertinent food-allergy information.  Every faucet has a water filter, and 95% of the meals we serve are organic. For more info, click our "GOrganic" tab!

A Unique Location

Our program is designed to be a fun, enriching experience suited to the appropriate developmental needs of young children. We want our school to be an extension of the home (more like Grandma's house!) and craft environments to feed imaginations. The curriculum itself adopts a “hands-on” approach to learning.  This means kids must touch and experiment with resources to learn through them.  Life is hands-on (this isn't a dress rehearsal!), and school should be, too.

Motivating Quote:

Come join our TLC Family!


Admissions:  LegacyTeacher@gmail.com

6035 Sandy Springs Circle   

Sandy Springs, Georgia, 30328  USA 

TLC offers...

Child-centered Curriculum

  The Legacy Centre Preschool 

We also love our location, which is conveniently located in Sandy Springs historic district! It is conducive to many walking fieldtrips, a big help to the working parents who want their children to "go and do", but can't take off work to chaperone. We regularly incorporate walking fieldtrips to Heritage Park or City Hall, and visits to our neighbors including the vet, CityWalk Kroger, and PetCo. We encourage any other fieldtrips (petting zoos, librarians, firetrucks, etc.) to come to us!

​Great Communication

To enhance communication between school and home, TLC offers...

  • Daily feedback (verbal or written). It's provided between the teacher and parent at drop-off and pick-up time.  No "drive-thru" here!
  • Our Pre-T and 2's Classes receive daily sheets indicating bathroom events, food intake, and special activities
  • Monthly lesson plans and menus are e-mailed to families. Less paper helps planet Earth!
  • Smileboxes (digital scrapbooks) include photos of the kids and their friends involved in classroom activities.
  • Newsletters contain current-event announcements, as well as suggestions for activities at home
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences are held twice a year, but we love to talk about "our" kids anytime!

Click to see a sample calendar of activities.
Click to see a sample newsletter.

If your plan is for one year, plant rice.  

If your plan is for ten years, plant trees.

If your plan is for one hundred years, educate children.


  • Our teachers rotate resources (toys) in the classroom to follow monthly thematic units. This helps kids master a concept, then move to a new challenge which provides excitement, new skill mastery, and minimizes behavioral challenges. Our kids are not playing with the same toys all year which were put on the shelf in 1492. (A funny aside: The licensing worker who inspected our facility said we have enough toys for two schools!)
  • Acceptable forms of behavior are encouraged using positive behavior guidance techniques and redirection.  We also post a pictorial set of class rules even toddlers understand.
  • We promote well-rounded development using hands-on learning including exercise and plenty of play in the great outdoors. TLC is still on speaking terms with Mother Nature.
  • ALL students get to participate in "extra" activities like Tumble Bus and Playball.  Some schools charge extra for these classes, but TLC believes these are excellent auxiliary programs and the skills learned are too important to withhold.  Plus, Moms and Dads already pay enough in tuition without nickle and diming.

Multicultural Atmosphere

Let's cut to the chase... It's why you're visiting our website.  Why should families choose TLC over a competitor?

First let us express it is TLC's sincerest hope that there are MANY excellent childcares caring for Georgia's youth.  We advocate for an abundance of passionate, talented educators who can raise the collective educational bar and transform our communities.  The more 'solution architects' there are out there, the better!

However, since you are persistent, here's five features that make TLC unique!

1.)  Our Staff (Click Staff Bio. tab)

2.)  Our Food (Click Go Green tab)

3.)  Our Curriculum (See section below)

4.)  Our Location- (See section below)

5.)  Our Philosophy- Education drives the direction of TLC.  Economic profit should be a by-product of doing the right thing.  TLC educators don't choose this field for the riches and fame, nor do we pack classrooms with kid-sardines and untrained staff, while feeding babies cheap junk, and letting them fight over the same old blocks for a year.  If you've ever toured a money-motivated childcare, you'll know TLC has a philosophical difference.  

Basically, we're selling relationships by investing in people around us.  From our child-centered approach (new monthly toys, fieldtrips), to focusing on the families (free parenting classes, family dinners), to staff events (paid trainings, team building), it's TLC's goal to grow and enhance our community.  Our mission is to create a school that children LOVEand parents and teachers never want to leave.  This is our daily goal, our life's work, our time-travel-to-the-future legacy.​