As people embrace mindful living, their homes and habits are changing. Parents can help at home by...

  • Incorporating recycling as a family activity.
  • Using "green" cleaners.
  • Explaining the reasons behind eco-freindly purchases and conservation behaviors.
  • Planting a "family" tree every year.
  • Composting yard and kitchen waste. (World Market and Williams Sonoma have cute, compact compost bins)
  • Buying and promoting organic, healthy foods.

We want to be part of the solution, not the problem. We'd love families to share with us innovative ways to minimize resource consumption and protect the environment!

Green At Home (thanks to The SchoolBox for "green" ideas)


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Go Green At School

  • TLC uses BPA free, reusable plates and cups to minimize waste.

  • TLC utilizes e-letters to update parents  about their child rather than paper notifications. It saves toner and paper and also prevents clutter in the backseat floorboard of parents' car! Plus, you can easily forward those cute pictures via email to Grandma out-of-state!

  • We have a recycling station in our foyer for parents to conveniently drop off cardboard donations.  Magazines, scrap paper, plastic bottle tops, and paper bags can all be re-purposed, so ask your child's teacher what s/he's collecting this month!

  • Our school uses eco-friendly  Greenguard certified paint on walls and cabinetry. This VOC-free product helps reduce indoor air pollution and is good for people with allergies or asthma.  We believe one shouldn't have to be pregnant to care what one breathes.

  • Custodial cleaning embraces Clorox GreenWorks, which is made from plant-based ingredients.  We also use a vinegar/water mix to clean classroom flooring.

  • Classrooms received glowing reviews. Energy Star and LED lights replace traditional bulbs as they expire.

  • "The greenest house is one that already exists." -newspaper ad.  We use recycled furniture and antiques throughout our school.