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TLC parents often have questions about key issues in early childhood like age-appropriate speech development, picky eaters, or discipline issues.  To help provide resources, TLC arranges for expert presentations by speech therapists, feeding therapists, child psychologists, etc.  These 1.5 hour classes are small, FREE, and allow parents to learn tips and tricks from trained specialists.  The classes are generally held during weekdays and TLC provides childcare while parents attend class!  After the class (which generally ends around 7:00 p.m.), parents are able to go out to eat for a quick "date night" while the kiddos stay and play.  It's called "Keeping It Real" for two reasons:  firstly, we want to share real problems and solutions, not "looks good on paper" jargon that doesn't work, and secondly,  who goes for a date night during the week?  Real parents, that's who!

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Bedtime Tips

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 We strive to meet the needs of each individual child and family. State licensing prohibits Georgia childcares from 'forcing OR withholding' naps.  TLC's policy permits a cuddly blanket, three books, and one soft nap toy on each cot to set the mood. Teachers begin by playing relaxing music (Enya causes narcolepsy!) for a period of time, then switch to books-on-CD to engage non-nappers. This dual approach allows children (if sleeping) to relax and recharge or (if resting) to enhance their listening skills and imagination. Our nap-mosphere is the best of both worlds!

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Why don't you provide infant care?

TLC braids a close-knit community by hosting bi-monthly get-togethers at local restaurants.  Each family pays for its own meals, but we sit together as a group. These events give TLC parents a convenient opportunity to socialize with others, meet "that classmate s/he talks about all the time", and chat with teachers (and maybe their kids!) in a relaxed setting of fellowship.  We do it all before bedtime and YOU don't have to do the dishes!

In order for very young children to receive the best care, we believe the ideal place for children under 18 months is at home, with a nanny, or in a small, family childcare setting.  This maximizes one-on-one time while minimizing germ exposure.  However, we also understand the difference between ideology and reality,  the fact many families need to return to full time work, and the shortage of infant care in Georgia.  We do not believe a group setting is best practice for raising extremely young children, and instead highly recommend organizations like to locate quality in-home caregivers, babysitters, or nannies.

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