Why don't you provide infant care?

 We strive to meet the needs of each individual child and family. State licensing prohibits Georgia childcares from 'forcing or withholding' naps.  TLC's policy permits a cuddly blanket, three books, and one soft nap toy on each cot to set the mood. Teachers begin by playing relaxing music (Enya causes narcolepsy!) for a period of time, then switch to books-on-CD to engage non-nappers. This dual approach allows children (if sleeping) to relax and recharge or (if resting) to enhance their listening skills and imagination. Our nap-mosphere is the best of both worlds!

What's the scoop with Family Dinners?

  The Legacy Centre Preschool 

In order for very young children to receive the best care, we believe the ideal place for children under 18 months is at home, with a nanny, or in a small, family childcare setting.  This maximizes one-on-one time while minimizing germ exposure.  However, we also understand the difference between ideology and reality,  the fact many families need to return to full time work, and the shortage of infant care in Georgia.  We do not believe a group setting is best practice for raising extremely young children, and instead highly recommend organizations like Care.com to locate quality in-home caregivers, babysitters, or nannies.

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Are you planning to pursue NAEYC certification?

No, we're not affiliated with any religious group. We are a multi-cultural school raising miniature world citizens.  We celebrate almost anything... especially if food is involved!:)

Can you make my child nap/not nap?

Do you offer religious classes?

Contact us at 404.255.8583 or Admissions@TheLegacyCentre.com             
Come join our "Family"!

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TLC braids a close-knit community by hosting bi-monthly get-togethers at local restaurants.  Each family pays for its own meals, but we sit together as a group. These events give TLC parents a convenient opportunity to socialize with others, meet "that classmate s/he talks about all the time", and chat with teachers (and maybe their kids!) in a relaxed setting of fellowship.  We do it all before bedtime and YOU don't have to do the dishes!

What are "Keeping It Real"

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TLC parents often have questions about key issues in early childhood like age-appropriate speech development, picky eaters, or discipline issues.  To help provide resources, TLC arranges for expert presentations by speech therapists, feeding therapists, child psychologists, etc.  These 1.5 hour classes are small, FREE, and allow parents to learn tips and tricks from trained specialists.  The classes are generally held during weekdays and TLC provides childcare while parents attend class!  After the class (which generally ends around 7:00 p.m.), parents are able to go out to eat for a quick "date night" while the kiddos stay and play.  It's called "Keeping It Real" for two reasons:  firstly, we want to share real problems and solutions, not "looks good on paper" jargon that doesn't work, and secondly,  who goes for a date night during the week?  Real parents, that's who!

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Bedtime Tips

‚ÄčPicky Eaters

TLC opts to be certified by Bright From The Start to help us meet our mission statement of creating a school where children LOVE to attend and parents and teachers never want to leave.


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Nothing travels faster than a parent's opinion of a school. The greatest compliment families can give is a referral. Instead of telling you more about us, we will let our families. Here's what respondents are saying about their experience with TLC:

Comment by K. Shipe (parent): Flannery absolutely LOVES school. It warms my heart to see her get so excited with her Hello Kitty back pack on and a smile tromping off with Daddy. I never felt that way when Will went to school; I was always so anxious to pick him up. But obviously Flannery would rather stay most of the time! That is so great. Her happiness is so important, and she is loving you guys and all of the toys and friends so much. It is such a relief for mom!

Comment by Troisi family: To all the staff at The Legacy Centre: We can't express enough our gratitude for the enthusiasm, creativity, and thoughtfulness you've displayed in nurturing Oliver over the last few years. We're confident his star would shine just a little dimmer without the time he has spent at TLC. I can also say that the fact Oliver never wanted to leave in the afternoons, and would only do so after spending fifteen minutes pointing out all of the things he had learned and worked on each day, attests to his feelings for TLC as well. Let us know when you open a K-12 campus and we'll be the first to sign up!

Comment by Bohlen family: Thank you so much for all that you've done for Della this year. I cannot say how grateful I am for the twist of fate that made it possible for you to be Della's teacher this year. You have shown her so much patience, and love, that she has come to love going to school and being with her TLC family. I know she's well-prepared for her move to Kindergarten next year (even if I'm not!)

Comment by Thomas family: We wanted to thank you for the wonderful school year Trey has had at TLC. It's such a comfort knowing that he's being challenged and yet having fun. We appreciate your kindness and patience, your humor and understanding. You are a great teacher, and lead the kids in such a positive way. I love seeing and hearing all the new things he's learning. Thanks for all you do!

Comment by Daugherty family: My girls will miss you so much! Thank you for everything. They were always happy for "school" days and I know it was because of you and the other teachers. They love each one of you there at the center....They were always excited to come to school (They never once said they did not want to come.) and that speaks volumes to me! Thank you!

Comment by C.Z. Spangler (parent): This is GREAT! I love the pictures and feel so lucky to be apart of TLC...! I was hoping for something like this and never thought it would happen. I feel like the luckiest mom and Evan, the luckiest boy to have you guys spending your days with him... Thank you for taking such good care of my little guy! You guys ROCK!

Comment by A.Patel (former parent): Wow... it's been 5 years since Neegum was in your class (time flies). I am so pleased to see you are still doing your magic. To this day Neegum wishes you were still his teacher. Thank you so much. Any parent who has a child in your care should know there is no one better.