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About Us!

We offer multi-sensory lessons that foster your child’s individual growth.

The Legacy Centre Preschool is the brainchild of several teachers seeking to revamp early childhood education. We met in coffee houses, pizza parlors, and even a parking lot or two to sculpt our ideal school. Through many talks, walks, tours, and classes, we assessed what is great about education, as well as strategies to improve.


Summer is a great time to join TLC. Please call for availability!

FULL DAY  18 months to 5 years

From our collective years of experience, we know preschool is a place where children form their first views of organized education, where parents require high quality care, and where teachers need the ability to innovate classrooms and receive respect for their chosen profession. It is our heart's desire to form a beehive of learning that nurtures this triumvirate through education and communication. 

To encompass our beliefs, we developed our Mission Statement: To create a school children LOVE to attend and parents and teachers never want to leave. It's etched on the lobby wall, so our mission literally faces us every day as we enter. We dedicate TLC to the advancement of students, families, and teachers-- their success is our legacy.

Disclaimer:We have been so successful meeting our mission, many parents have difficulty getting their child to leave at day's end. Consider packing a special "surprise" in the car to lure kids home!


NOT a McChildcare


  The Legacy Centre Preschool 

TLC is a hometown childcare, not a red-tape corporation. Our single location allows for  individual attention, family atmosphere, and encourages positive student-teacher, family, and community relationships. 
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6035 Sandy Springs Circle   

Sandy Springs, Georgia, 30328  USA